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Ancient Greece, Daniel R. Faust

From art and architecture to politics, philosophy, and mathematics, "western civilization" owes a great deal to the achievements of ancient Greece, but what do we really know about this long-gone civilization? How did geography influence the politics of the Greek city-states? What's the difference between an agora and an acropolis? This book takes readers several thousand years into the past, when independent city-states ruled the Mediterranean Sea, to find the answers. Full-color photographs and maps, accompanied by accessible text, introduce readers to the many contributions the ancient Greeks have made to our modern society
Table Of Contents
Mountains and islands -- Early Greek kingdoms -- The rise of city-states -- Greek colonization -- Ancient Athens -- The birth of democracy -- Let the games begin -- Gods and heroes -- Temples and statues -- The Persian War -- The Peloponnesian War -- Alexander the Great -- Timeline of Ancient Greece
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
32 pages, illustrations (chiefly color), map, 24 cm.

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